Board Members


Who controls the Association?
Glen Housing Association is headed by a Board of Management who are elected by the members of the Association. (See “Membership of the Association” below).

The members of this Board are unpaid volunteers – a mixture of Association tenants, persons with a professional background and those with an interest in housing generally. They are responsible for setting the organisation’s policies, aims and objectives. The day-to-day work of the Association is undertaken by the staff who are in turn responsible to the Board of Management.

Who can join the board?
Any tenant of the Association, or anyone who has a genuine interest in the Association itself can have the opportunity to become a member of the Board of Management.

Clear leadership on equality and diversity comes from our Board of Management and our Senior Managers. We aim to ensure that our Board of Management represents as accurately as possible, the communities it serves, by actively seeking and welcoming applications from under-represented groups.

What does it involve?
Board members give their time on a voluntary, unpaid basis. Whilst not necessarily requiring any specialist skills, the ability to listen to other members and to understand their viewpoints are important attributes – as is appreciating and agreeing with the aims and ethos of the Housing Association sector.
Who can become a member of the Association?
Membership is open to all tenants and indeed, anyone aged 16 or over with an interest in the Association, at a cost of £1. Members have the opportunity to attend and vote at our Annual General Meeting and can stand for election to the Board of Management.
If your ambitions do not stretch that far you can always use your membership to vote for others who wish to be elected or re-elected to the Board.
How frequent are the meetings?
The full Board of Management meets every month. In addition, there is an Audit Committee and a Health & Safety Committee that generally meets twice yearly. They look at the different areas of work in which we are involved in greater detail and make recommendations to the Board of Management.

Members can chose how much time they wish to commit to these committees and are offered as much support and training as they need to help them contribute effectively.

Want to find out more?
If you are interested in finding out more about joining the Board of Management, just contact the Association and give your name, address and telephone number to a member of staff.

You will then be contacted by the Director who will give you the necessary information to help you decide if you wish to apply.